Emergency Management Ontario : EMO_FAQ

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Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management

General Information

  1. Who can take courses?Courses are primarily designed for public sector staff involved in emergency management; however, non-government organizations and members of the private sector are also encouraged to participate.

  2. Is there a fee for taking courses?There is no class fee for taking online courses; however, there may be a fee for instructor led courses. If applicable, the class fee will be displayed in the course details.

  3. What is the passing score on a final exam?The passing score for both online and instructor led courses is a minimum of 70%.

Getting Started

  1. How do I create a profile?

    • Visit the homepage of the EM Training Portal and select ‘New User' from the ‘Login’ section or select ‘Create a Profile’ from the top banner. Enter the required information and select ‘Submit’.
    • Upon completion, users receive an email subject titled ‘OFMEM Training Portal - New Profile Created’ from AskOFMEM@ontario.ca with a link valid for 72 hours to create a password. If the email does not appear in your Inbox, please check your bulk/spam/junk mail folder. If the password link expires, login to the EM Training Portal with the profile ‘Username’ and select ‘Forgot Password?
    • Once a password is established, login with the ‘Username’ created.
  2. What is my username? Your username is the email address you provided when creating a profile.

  3. What are the password requirements:The password must be 8 or more characters in lenght, contain at 1 numeric character, contain at least 1 upper and lower case character.

  4. What happens if I forgot my password?If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link.

Enrolling into Courses

  1. How do I login to the training portal and enrol in courses?

    • Login into the EM Training Portal and enter a ‘Username and Password’.
    • Select the course name from the online ‘Course Catalogue’.
    • From the ‘Actions’ section of the ‘Class Details’ page, enter the access code and select ‘Submit’.
    • A new screen appears from the ‘Actions’ section, select ‘Enrol in class’.
  2. How can I obtain the restricted class access code? Contact the course instructor directly to obtain the ‘Restricted Class Access Code’.

  3. How do I know if I’m registered to attend training?

    • Users receive an automated email notification from AskOFMEM@ontario.ca confirming they have successfully applied to attend a session.
    • A second email is received once the instructor has confirmed enrollment. If you do not receive this email contact the course instructor directly as OFMEM’s EM Training Section is unable to register participants into courses on behalf of an instructor.
  4. How do I withdraw/cancel my enrollment?

    • Users can self-withdraw from training up until the end of the first day of the course.
    • From the ‘My Training’ page, select the course.
    • The ‘Training Details’ page opens, and displays the following sections ‘Enrolment Details’, ‘Class Details’, ‘Schedule’ and ‘Instructor Details’ and ‘Actions’.
    • From the ‘Actions’ section, select ‘Withdraw Enrolment’.

Post Course

  1. How to access course completion certificates?

    • From the ‘Learner’ section, select ‘My Training’
    • A list of completed courses appears under ‘Learning History’. Select the date of the completed course
    • From the ‘Actions’ sections, select ‘Print Certificate’
  2. How to print course certificates tips:

    • Change page orientation to Landscape
    • Select Shrink to select page width
    • Uncheck Headers and Footers
    • Check background Graphics
    • Make certain the Left, Center and Right boxes under the Margins and Header/Footer Tabs are left blank.

    Alternatively you may wish to save and print certificates locally using the following steps:

    • Select your browsers print dialogue box or by pressing Ctrl + P
    • Change your print destination or name of your printer to Adobe PDF (Adobe reader required) or Microsoft XPS document writer (Windows only)
  3. I attended training but my learning profile does not list the course as completed

    • Participants with missing training records should first contact the course instructor to determine if their attendance status was updated post-training.
    • If unsuccessful with resolving the missing training record with the course instructor please contact the EM Training Section at AskOFMEM@ontario.ca for further assistance.

Online Courses

  1. What browser(s) best support online courses?Currently, the EM Training Portal supports Internet Explorer version 9 and above or Google Chrome.

  2. Why can’t I access the online course content and exam? Online course materials and exams are displayed in a pop up window. For access disable the pop up blocker; or add the website to your compatibility view settings.

  3. How do I find out my incorrect exam answers?Following final submission incorrect responses are displayed and users are provided with the correct response.

  4. How many times can I attempt an online exam?There is no limit to the number of times users can take a final exam. However, the system requires a wait time of 24 hours between each attempt.