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Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management
Emergency Management Courses
Code Name Length Delivery Method
EM 125 Exercise Programs: An Introduction 4 hours Online
EM 131 Accessible Customer Service for Emergency Responders 4 hours Online
EM 200 Basic Emergency Management (BEM) 2 days Classroom
EM 225 Exercise Program Management 2 days Classroom
EM 240 Note Taking 4 hours Classroom
EM 300 Community Emergency Management Coordinator ( CEMC ) 2 days Classroom
EM 301 Provincial Emergency Management Coordinator (PEMC) 2 days Classroom
EM 900 Basic Emergency Management Instructor (BEM INSTR) 4 hours Webinar
Incident Management System
Code Name Length Delivery Method
IMS 100 Introduction to Incident Management System 4 hours Classroom & Online
IMS 200 Basic Incident Management System 1.5 days Classroom
IMS 250 IMS in EOCs 1.5 days Classroom
IMS 300 Intermediate Incident Management System 3 days Classroom
IMS 910 Basic Incident Management System Instructor 4 hours Webinar